Sole Books’ wordwide program is designed to present a limited number of books by other micro publishers and self-published authors to our network of agents and publishers all over the world.

We are looking for books that were 1.  Published in the last 36 months. 2. Gained at least 50 Amazon reviews. 3. Their Amazon ratings average is 4+. 4. Have sold at least 3000 copies since publication.

If you your book reached these milestones, please take a look at our program. It might work for you. 

How does wordwide work?

You submit a short form with your book details. Our editors will begin an initial review. If your book fits our program, we will send you a proposal within 30 days of submission.

If you give us the green light, we’ll offer your book to our network. In case there is interest in the book, we will present you with a proposed deal. Should you accept the deal, we will move forward to finalize a translation rights agreement for your book.

Fill in the submission form: